Wikipedia: The free online encyclopedia anyone can edit. How many of you out there has Wikipedia saved under favourites on your internet explorer? How many of you believe what it says? And how many of you use Wikipedia extensively during exam periods? =P

Wikipedia won the ‘Time Person of the Year’ which is awarded to the most influential of that year in 2006. Apparently not. According to Dr. Lindsay Dent, Wikipedia is not a good source for reference and, I quote, ‘a website made up by a bunch of idiots’. Also, ‘The information provided are mostly inaccurate and if you want to learn more about science you should be reading and researching science articles which have gone through proper processing steps approved by all scientists. Not all scientists agree on all articles, but they all agree on the information processing methods’ (Dent, 2007).

Wikipedia decided it was time to stand up for itself:  ‘Due to Wikipedia’s open nature, critics (eg Dr Dent) have questioned its reliability and accuracy. The site has been criticized for its susceptibility to vandalism and the addition of false or unverified information, uneven quality, systemic bias and inconsistencies. Wikipedia’s content policies and sub-projects set up by contributors seek to address these concerns. Two scholarly studies have concluded that vandalism is generally short-lived and that Wikipedia is generally as accurate as other encyclopedias’. And, note where I ended up searching for information about Wikipedia: (Wikipedia, 2007).

What have you got to say now Mister Doctor Dent. Nyah nyahhhhh

Meanwhile across the lab table, Miss Fifi Paulraj with this look -_- on her face said : ‘We don’t reference, they say we plagiarise. We reference, they say cannot use Wikipedia’ (Paulraj, 2007). =D


I am NOT looking forward to tute next Thursday when I have to face Dr Dent’s critical nature.

Don’t get me wrong. Dr Lindsay Dent is a brilliant lecturer. (And a very cute Santa Claus who hides his champagne in the 4 degrees room. Wahahahahaha!)


~ by Kristen on July 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Wiki”

  1. WAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH this is like my FAVOURITE post of yours to date and you’ve had many gud ones! 😀 WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH you’re RITE I DID have this face -_- BAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

  2. with Hongkie accent: *tank kiu tank kiu*

  3. hahaha u better hope mister doctor dent reads blogs as much as he reads wikipedia hohoho

  4. hahahaha just as long as he doesnt read it before tute!


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