I mean, shit happens. But good things happen too. So why is it so easy for us to spot the bad things that happen to us but so hard to recognise the good things that happen? Because when you actually start recognising the good things, it becomes clear why the bad happens : )
I said before that you cannot choose what you want. But you can choose what you want to believe. And that’s something I know I will hold on to : )

Happy days.


Med and Dent students. Stop coming to MLS to use our computers. Stop coming to MLS to take advantage of our free printing. This facility is meant for second and third year SCIENCE students. Because we NEED the free printing. Cheapskates. I can’t believe I have to use this word. There’s a reason it’s called MEDICAL SCHOOL AND DENTAL SCHOOL and MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING. See the difference? Hellooooo? Med and Dent students are supposed to be smart.

Stop coming here because firstly, it’s just plain annoying. Stop coming here because there are already not enough computers for science students. Stop coming here to print your medical and dental notes. Stop coming here to print chinese notes. Stop coming here to print notes for outside activities. Stop coming here to print notes FOR people from Flinder’s University. Just stop coming here. It’s OUR building. FYI, it’s not unlimited free printing. Our building has to pay for printing outside this free quota. So what now? Med and Dent school can’t afford to have their own computer labs anymore? Or should we all just exchange computer labs because you have oh so many lecture materials to print and we don’t? And did Flinders Uni have a mass breakdown of printers so that their students have to come all the way down to the city to print? Or did they just charge a dollar for every page printed? Freak. Stick to your own and no one gets hurt.


Beyonce fell tumbled down the stairs during her concert in Otago. And then publicly announced that she didn’t want the video to be on YouTube. It made my day.

It’s too bad her videos were removed from YouTube due to ‘various violation claims’. I wanted to put a link. Geez, when you fall down just pull yourself back up. Even I know how to do that.


Does anyone know if you can consume caffeine when you’re pregnant? No I’m not pregnant. But I want to drink coffee if I ever get pregnant.

Random as.


~ by Kristen on July 28, 2007.

24 Responses to “Haphazard”

  1. Talk about verbal diarrhoea.
    Word vomit.

    Too bad they pulled the videos before I got to view them. 🙂
    Poor Beyonce..

    Oh and about the caffiene – “common sense” and “moderation” is advised. Sorry to drop that bomb on you. 🙂

  2. hey, you should be on the geeky science nerds side okay. they deserve to know what theyre doing to us ;p and no, not poor beyonce. good job, beyonce.

  3. Yes yes I am on the Side of Geeky Nerds.
    MLS unite.
    But…some med students are hot okay 😉

  4. LIKE WHO??!!!!!! oh wait brayden or something right! HAHAHAHA ok la ok laaaaaa as long as he doesn’t come to mls to print his notes. go get his number for me quick.

  5. O.M.G.


    You wouldnt give up printing quota for HIM?

  6. *tsk tsk* where is your dignity as a fellow scientist?….k la, maybe. BAHAHAHAHHAHA

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I knew you’d crack somehow 😛
    Where is YOUR honor as a science student..giving up printing quota for a hot GUY?


  8. i have no honour but i have my hot med guy *drools* for the rest of my life to look at 😀 and you’ll be stuck looking at Frankie G. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  9. -_-

    See you on MSN.

  10. wait wait i’m just itching to say one more thing. Feli-SIAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

    and they complain about our printers not working, THATS COZ U STUFF IT UP PRINTING UR THICK BOOKLETS OF #@$#%@@%@!

    Poor Beyonce! 😛

    and Felisia, Frankie G? tsk tsk. no wonder she so eager to run off to lab everytime!

  12. i said, good job beyonce! ;p
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yea man!!! eh, maybe that’s why all her free hours on her timetable are filled by lab placement. shes secretly turned on when he calls her feli-sia. bahahahahahhaha

  13. hahahah ya man. now we know, no wonder today she din wanna come to mayo with us, she was preparing herself for the man, Frankie G~~! sigh, fifi im so disappointed in u, waht happened to hoes over bros ar???

  14. hahahahahaha!!!! remember, she called us whores. she obviously meant it. bahahahahahah! maybe we should try save the friendship by calling her feli-sia also…

  15. I cannot think of a good come back.
    I will NOT dignify you guys with a response.


  16. its okay, Feli-sia. since we are such good friends, we will not judge you AT ALL. 😛

  17. 😛


    Love you too. 🙂

  18. hi kristen! found you on miss choo’s blogroll! is it okay if i add you to mine? 😉

  19. cannot she say.

  20. hahahaha bridget lets both just delete manda from our blogroll ;p

  21. She told me oso cannot.
    Dunno why Bridget…

  22. oh did you get my comment in your blog, bridget? I thought I replied and said of course you can add me but now I dont see it 😛 anyway, yes you can. don’t listen to choo choo no matter how sexy she gets.

  23. BOOHOOHOO so mean
    ooh u think im sexy? *wink wink*

  24. ure orgasmic.

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