Listening to: My heater running
Location: Home
Time: 2:33am

Highlight of the day:

I was running late to pick a friend up. I got into my car and found out I was also running out of petrol. @#!$@%@$! Made a quick turn into the nearest Caltex. You know how in Malaysia you have to prepay before you pump? In Australia you pump before you pay. Kinda like men. Baha. So I pumped. (Okay, I won’t make a sexual joke out of this). Then I opened my passenger door, and reached into my bag for my wallet. 
Where is it? Where??? I’m in a hurry laaaaaaa!
Where? Shit.
It’s at home. 
S H I T.

So today was one of the ‘sometimes’ that I brought my mobile out. And today was one of the ‘sometimes’ my housemate was home on a Saturday. Yes. I had to explain to the cashier that I forgot my wallet and was waiting for my housemate to come. Who to my surprise told me the next time I should just pump $50 and drive away. Like, dude. We’re not in Malaysia. Har har.

Lesson learnt. Bring your wallet everytime you go out. Bring your mobile everytime you go out. Always leave some money in your bag just in case. Okay, maybe not. Always pump petrol at the Caltex near your house.

And yesterday I thought biting into a candle was bad.

It made me think what if this happened someplace far from my house like in Glenelg. Then I thought I’ll just make mimi walk out. Wahahahahah! (Maybe lesson not learnt after all ;D)

By the way, my wallet was sitting in the plastic bag from Coles when I went to buy the ingredients for YOUR chocolate cake!

toodle loo


~ by Kristen on August 25, 2007.

18 Responses to “Pump”

  1. hahahahaha!
    i’ll walk to the ends of the earth for u, my dear kiki.
    but then u will have to buy me new shoes after that. preferably jimmy choos, thanks.

  2. aaawwwwwww *hugs*! just go tell him you’re a choochoo too. surely you can get one for me instead 😉 free, that is. bahahahah

  3. muffles is a choochoo too. ask him to get us some. oh wait, he will keep forgetting wat question he is supposed to ask jimmy. haha



  5. Why is my candle in here?
    Your chocolate cake is the best Kristen, no greater chocolate cake in the world Kristen, bet Jimmy ChooChoo will send you 10 pairs of his shoes for every slice of chocolate cake you offer him Kristen (make a sexual joke outta that). Pump a chocolate cake for Jimmy Choo.
    I know you wanted to bake me a cake.Baking soothes you. Don’t bother denying it.

  6. Choc for Choo Day.


  7. manda! thts so funny!!! about muffles forgetting the question hahaahahhaha 😀
    NOONSSSS i cannot tahan!!! i forgot the thing you told us before about heels and sex or sth like tht. tell me tell me tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or else i cant make tht sexual joke;p bahahahahha! and yes, i will pump as many chocolate cakes as i can for jimmy choo. now it just sounds like shitting. bahahahahahha. and i deny i deny i deny!
    Choc for the choochoos~*

  8. I stand firm on my belief that i did not make any kinky jokes about heels and sex..

  9. -_- YOU my dear, have made many kinky jokes. dont bother denying it 😀

  10. Pump a chocolate cake for Amanda Choo too.

  11. Hey you mean you can’t make sexual jokes UNLESS noonie tells you 😐

    Sorry to say but I’m sure you can find a few to pump out 😛

    Btw, I don’t remember any kinky heels story…I’m sure Noonie can be persuaded to make one up if it means you can start telling sexual jokes again 😆

  12. 10.00am 12.15pm 2.30pm 4.45pm 7.00pm 9.15pm

    You’ll understand tmr

  13. hey man, no one tells kiki when she can or cannot make sexual jokes 😀 and of course noons can make one up! she’s horny as bahahahahahha!
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! i cant wait to see ultimanum *excitement*! jason bourne you make this week oh so easy~* 7pm it is im guessing?

  14. and yes, i will pump as hard as i can to make as many choc cakes as u want choochoo~ wahahahahhahahahah

  15. OOOOOhhh!”Horny”, am I? YOU la, make me horny.
    and no, nobody said tt Kiks need my permission to make kinky jokes?Even if i DID say so, she’ll just go behind my back and do it anyway. Nothing can keep Kristen Ho from being kinky….and horny.. Luv her in spite of it…or maybe because…i dunno, haven’t decide on tt yet

  16. U LOVE ME BECAUSE IM HORNY!!!!! thats the best compliment anyone has ever given me nyahhahahahahahaha! OR….could it be that….I turn you on 😉

  17. kinky kiki. horny ho.

    Kiki “Kinky Horny” Ho.

    i like 😛


  18. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!! dammit i wanna say something clever back at you but i cant think of any. and you have given me two names so far!! RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

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