Five Things

In response to Noon’s tag:

5 Things

5 things in your bag:
Car and house keys
Student diary
Pens and texters

5 things in my wallet:
Student card
Video Ezy card
Restaurant name cards

5 favourite things in my room:
My body pillow
My polar fleece blanket
My computer and internet
My cordless phone

5 things that I want to do:
Honours next year
Go to Europe
Have shitloads of money
Save my dad

5 things that am doing now:
Listening to John Mayer
Staring at 2007 Essay Topics Infection and Immunity B
Thinking about Carl Riseley

I will not tag anyone because this takes up too much time.


~ by Kristen on September 10, 2007.

12 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. i’m so sleepy rite now i feel like fainting.
    how to prepare presentationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    okay random.
    but i happened to be reading your blog when i tot it.

  2. HAHAHA muffles is not among ur fav things in ur room?? haha poor monkey, should come home with me

  3. mimi: yeah..poor fella…hi muffles…didcha miss uncle barath 😉 mommy not taking good care of u isst 😛

  4. -_-;
    Muffles is not among my fav things in my room. He doesn’t even fit in this category. I just want to eat him 😀
    awww poor feefs. but i have no doubt tht you’ll do well on thurs. because you have all ur favourite men paying attention to you-frankie G and julian 😀
    muffles: my mother is dumb. my mother just want to eat me because she is jealous muffles is cuter. yar yar muffles miss uncle barath but muffles only want to ask aunty mimi ques-tiens.

  5. So how come you were thinking of ur presentation while reading my blog???? -_- dude its not tht bad right. plus no pic of julian or frankie to remind you.

  6. -_- so picky one this muffles…only wanna ask aunty mimi… nvm, uncle barath got

  7. muffles: uncle barath can muffles ask you one ques-tien? hmmmmm? but russy cannot ask uncle barath because russy cannot talk.

  8. hey kristen
    i saw ur post about ur dad… will pray for him…hang in there, just 2 more months!
    You wanna meet up during the hols? I can come to ur house or u could come to mine 🙂

  9. was thinking of presentation bec is more imp than J or frankie.

  10. hey jan, thanks. yes let’s meet up maybe week 2 of the hols? miss you!

  11. k la k la. for me it’s the other way round 😀

  12. i know 😛

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