The Unexpected

Listening to: Bad Day-Daniel Powter (On repeat)
Location: Home
Time: 9:22pm

It has been one hell of a weekend.

The trip to the show was nice. Although we made a big fuss over free VIP tickets for nothing. For me anyway, the best part of the night was when we were hanging out together at my place. Eating sour plums 😀 

Proud temporary owners of VIP tickets.

And then there was Sam. After the long awaited Korean barbeque (yum), there was the mahjong, the scooter ride and the non-existing stars in the cloudy night sky. I guess that makes up for the two years 😀

Sam’s robber costume.
It only takes one right person to tell you. I just really want to say, thank you. Thank you for the times, thank you for respecting me and most of all, thank you for letting me know. It was brief, but sweet. There isn’t much to remember, but there is a lot to hold on to. I didn’t think I would, but I feel strangely sad that you’re gone. You might not make it back here but I will always remember.


I wonder, why the best happens when you least expect it. And maybe the answer is in itself.


~ by Kristen on September 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Unexpected”

  1. Well wouldn’t you rather it happens when you least expect it than not to happen at all 😛

    I’m glad it did tho 🙂

    Btw those sour plums are the bomb… unlike our VIP tix 😡

  2. im glad it did too, and yes i would very much rather it happened *wink* heeeeeeeee. opened up my eyes to a lot of things-especially hot men like him BAHAHAHA =D
    stupid tix la i wonder what happened to those four guys.

  3. […] my friends are 4 VIP Complimentary Passes to any theme park ride. We took several embarassing pics to commemorate our good luck and then proceeded to wander around like idiots looking for rides to […]

  4. im sad too. one less hot hunky guy to drool over.
    but im glad it happened too ..and that i had front row seats! 😛 hahahahha

    can u imagine those four guys riding that weird rollercoaster?? hahah lol

  5. come to my blog and drool >< wahahhahahaah! and yes dear, you’ll ALWAYS have front row seats bahahahahahaha
    I just imagined. them on the ride with their no-wonder-they-gave-it-to-us look on their faces. hahaha

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