I just want to say.

You F R E A K.




You freaking loser.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Immature coward.


( I cannot tahan)


~ by Kristen on October 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “Freak”

  1. hope it’s not me u talking about. First thought was taresai..haha..but i’m thinking not. Chill girl..don’t fret
    Anyway, GIMME THE PICTURES la of the other day (betty). We still owe her her present! Don’t forget!

  2. Hur?

  3. tarasai?!!! hahahahahahah!! well, the same goes for her.=D why would I put it up on my blog if I was talking about you. I’ll just tell you to your face la XD bahahahahha yesyes, after exams la.
    hur back to you O_O

  4. Hello my dear Carl fan,
    Tonight’s THE night for Carl! BIG BAND! WHOOOOOO lots of pressure on him, hope he performs well. Fingers-crossed….or we could start praying for him! Hahah…
    Take care!

  5. where la have u been…so hard to get you…let’s grieve together. long live carl….start praying he comes to adelaide for a show! haha…we still owe betty her pressie…

  6. and of course, bryan owes us hilton dinner…

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