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•October 30, 2007 • 6 Comments

I just want to say.

You F R E A K.




You freaking loser.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Immature coward.


( I cannot tahan)

Paris After Prison

•September 30, 2007 • 3 Comments

What Paris has to say about Prison:

“I feel like I can do anything now”.
Prison is the new club everyone should try out.

You Me & Judge

•September 24, 2007 • 8 Comments

Now that I’ve got the essay off my back, paid my debt off for the sleepless nights, went for a nice spicy dinner, today finally felt like a holiday. And to top it off, Lana Krost left Australian idol tonight. Dear Lana, I think you should come back only when you’ve grown some hair and seen a magical professional music teacher. Don’t get me wrong, you’re a nice girl and all but you just really need to grow up and stop annoying the shit out of me. 

Why is it that part of our daily lives constantly involves judging people? Judging may not be the proper word to use, but why do we always form opinions about people-regardless? Whether it’s just a man with funny teeth on rundle mall or a lecturer with the best teaching skills. I find that when I watch tv shows like America’s next top model/Aussie Idol for instance, it’s so easy for me to form an impression, pin point their weaknesses and occassionally bitch about them. We decide who we favour, who irriates us and who we find harmless. And then we go on to say, they shouldn’t have said this, should have done that or should just shut up. Whether we say it or think it, we form opinions. I know for sure that a lot of times when I open my mouth to voice my opinions, they come out blunt, strong, and sounding like I’m better. And I know that it can be hurtful, so as much as a part of me feels like ‘why should I be dishonest and make the ugly pretty’ , I have tried to tone it down a notch because I know how it feels to hear the ugly truth. It makes me wonder, if I were to be in a tv show for the whole wide world to see, what would people have to say about me? And sometimes I really do want to know because it does give you a damn good idea of who you really are. Of course it’s easier for you to judge others-because you are on the outside. But, why? What is it that makes it so easy for us to know others better than we know ourselves? What makes it so easy for us to play judge when it comes to other people but ourselves?

So I was trying to come up with something that can link this topic and the next one I’m about to write on, but I couldn’t. :p

Courtesy of Google–
Question: Can you sneeze with your eyes open?

Answer: Some people can sneeze with their eyes open and some people can’t. Sneezing is a reflex and so is closing our eyes. We have no control over whether or not we close our eyes when we sneeze. Some people don’t have reflex, so when they sneeze then their eyes won’t close. Some people try to close their eyes so when they sneeze their eyes won’t pop out. Your eyes don’t really pop out. People without the reflex to sneeze with their eyes open can try to train themselves to sneeze with their eyes open. One good way to do this is if when you sneeze you hold your eyes open-which, I am so going to try! 😀

(Hey meems, I like your sneezes muchy *wink*)

The Unexpected

•September 19, 2007 • 5 Comments

Listening to: Bad Day-Daniel Powter (On repeat)
Location: Home
Time: 9:22pm

It has been one hell of a weekend.

The trip to the show was nice. Although we made a big fuss over free VIP tickets for nothing. For me anyway, the best part of the night was when we were hanging out together at my place. Eating sour plums 😀 

Proud temporary owners of VIP tickets.

And then there was Sam. After the long awaited Korean barbeque (yum), there was the mahjong, the scooter ride and the non-existing stars in the cloudy night sky. I guess that makes up for the two years 😀

Sam’s robber costume.
It only takes one right person to tell you. I just really want to say, thank you. Thank you for the times, thank you for respecting me and most of all, thank you for letting me know. It was brief, but sweet. There isn’t much to remember, but there is a lot to hold on to. I didn’t think I would, but I feel strangely sad that you’re gone. You might not make it back here but I will always remember.


I wonder, why the best happens when you least expect it. And maybe the answer is in itself.

Five Things

•September 10, 2007 • 12 Comments

In response to Noon’s tag:

5 Things

5 things in your bag:
Car and house keys
Student diary
Pens and texters

5 things in my wallet:
Student card
Video Ezy card
Restaurant name cards

5 favourite things in my room:
My body pillow
My polar fleece blanket
My computer and internet
My cordless phone

5 things that I want to do:
Honours next year
Go to Europe
Have shitloads of money
Save my dad

5 things that am doing now:
Listening to John Mayer
Staring at 2007 Essay Topics Infection and Immunity B
Thinking about Carl Riseley

I will not tag anyone because this takes up too much time.

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